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OKD is the only producer of hard coal (bituminous coal) in the Czech Republic. Its coal is mined in the southern part of the Upper-Silesian coal basin – in the Ostrava-Karviná district.

OKD pursues its mining activity in five mines:

Map Area: The Karviná Mine

  1. The Karviná Mine, enterprise ČSA
    • The Karviná Mine, The ČSA Business Unit

      Karviná Mine is a result of merger of ČSA Mine and Lazy Mine on 1 April 2008. Its head office is located 25 kilometers north – east of Ostrava.

      The ČSA Business Unit is located in two mining areas: MA Karviná Doly I and MA Doubrava u Orlové.

  2. The Karviná Mine, enterprise Lazy
    • The Karviná Mine, The Lazy Business Unit

      The Lazy Business Unit is in the south-west part of Karviná coal basin. Mining area (Dobývací prostor) of the Lazy Business Unit is in the cadastral territory of Orlová and Karviná municipalities.

  3. The ČSM Mine
    • The ČSM Mine

      The ČSM mine can be found very close to the border with Poland, near the Darkov mine. It comprises the mining plants of ČSM north and ČSM south and the ČSM north washing plant.

  4. The Darkov Mine
    • The Darkov Mine

      At the present, the Darkov mine is the largest deep-mining complex in the Czech Republic. The Darkov mine is formed by plant Darkov and plant 9. květen.

  5. The Paskov Mine
    • The Paskov Mine

      The Paskov mine lies approximately 20 kilometres south of Ostrava and produces mostly high-quality coking coal. It comprises the mining sites of Staříč.

  6. The Frenštát Mine
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OKD Frenštát Mine - illustrative picture




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